I welcome you all to this media chat in the wake of last Saturday’s presidential/national assembly elections.


May I humbly ask all of us to stand up and observe a minute silence for those who have lost their lives over the period of the electioneering campaign and particularly, Monsuru Amusa who died on Election Day.


I sympathise with the victim and as a matter of fact, I have sent emissaries to Monsuru’s family to condole them and I intend to follow up personally in the course of the week.

We must never be tired of preaching peace and non-violence, unfortunately, APC leaders are the ones encouraging the killings and banditry all because they want to remain in power and plant their successors as if they are god.

I also wish to use this forum to express our party’s gratitude to Oyo State people who trooped out in large numbers and endured obvious discomfort and challenges. They were very resolute and determined to play their role in our efforts to bring genuine change and establish a fresh and workable method of governance that is devoid of deceit and executive arrogance. To you all, I say thank you and we are very proud of you. Omo ako niyin.

Last Saturday, a land mark historical event occurred in Oyo south senatorial district. Despite intimidation, naked use of executive power and obscene deployment of billions of government money, our people decided to stay on the path of honour. They shunned raw and brutal enticement and voted for the choice of their conviction.

They told Governor Abiola Ajimobi that though they are poor materially, no tyrant can take away their pride and self-esteem. Only a people, galvanised by the truth and propelled by what is just can perform such heroics. That was exactly what they have done and I doff my hat.

Next weekend, on March 9, they will even be more desperate and attempt to bare their fangs but they will fail even more woefully because once the constituted authority is out of the way, what can the godson do?

For the avoidance of doubt, we will pursue forcefully within the ambit of the law, our mandate in Oyo central senatorial district where there was a clear case of miscarriage of justice and the senatorial seat was shamefully given to someone else.

Ditto for Ibarapa North and Central federal constituency where our candidate won the election fair and square only for it to be declared inconclusive. A remedy is surely on the way.

And I can assure you that we shall use all legitimate and legal means to claim Ibadan North constituency where we also won majority of the votes but were denied for reasons that could not stand democratic ideals and processes.

We are studying other cases of electoral malfeasance and anywhere that we identify one, we will move in, confident that justice will prevail over political arrogance and desperation.

Once again I want to thank the good people of the state for their uncommon bravery in the face of brute force, intimidation and unparalleled financial inducement. I believe you will repeat the same and even do better on Saturday 9<sup>th</sup> of March 2019 for gubernatorial and state assembly elections.

I thank you all.


Seyi Makinde
PDP governorship candidate for Oyo State.

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