The formost gubernitorial  aspirat of the Peoples Demcratic party (PDP) Engr. Seyi Makinde appealed to the state governor Sen. Abiola Ajimobi to please settle all debts incured by his administration within the last 8 years  before the end of his administration. He lamented on the injudicious loan incured by the incumbent governor has made Oyo State the 5th most indebted stateand the largest loan ever acquired by any single administration in the history of the sate.

In a statement  released by the head of media and strategy Omituntun campaign organization Prince Dotun Oyelade total sum of N130bn has so far been incurred by the current Administration in the state, the release relied on the Central Bank of Nigeria”s Public Finance Statistics Volume 27 as evidence where the sum of N69bn was was said to have been borrowed by the state government with 2 years.

Engr. Makinde raised concern that the recklessness of this Administration has never been witnessed since the establishment of Oyo State over 40 decades ago, he said that with six months to the next gubernitorial election which will usher in another regime and with no clear sign that Governor Ajimobi is planning to even begin to offset the debts, the crucial question citizens are asking is that with so many neglects in critical sectors like Education, Agriculture, Health, tertiary institutions in comatose for several months and primary school teachers are owed 27bn in unpaid pensions among others, what projects in specific and quantifiable terms has the government spent N130bn on?.

Makinde said the general financial drift of the sate is typified by the announcement in April this year that the government has awarded contract worth N5.7bn for the renovation of secondary schools, and that the bulk of the renovation will be completed in two weeks.

He said how billions of naira will be expended within two weeks became clear  when up till now no meaningful project was carried out.

The governorship hopeful urged the people of the state to ask those aspirants who say they want to continue with the legacy of unbridled debt profile and neglect of critical sector is what they want to perpetrate.

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